You vs. Your Baseboards…Are You Winning?

Want to know how to clean one of the dirtiest and most overlooked things in our house – your
baseboards? Alright, let’s get to the bottom of things…literally!

Let’s face it. Baseboards are not on our weekly cleaning list (Come on now, no fibbing!). In fact, they
may not even make it to our monthly, more arduous cleaning tasks. Heck, if we’re being honest,
baseboards are usually way down the spring cleaning list, well under window cleaning.
It’s not that we don’t want to (Well, who really wants to?). It’s more like we don’t really think about it
until we bend over with the dust pan and get that scary, close-up view.

The bad news is that, left uncleaned, baseboards can get pretty scuffed up and nasty. The good news is
that cleaning your baseboards is a relatively easy cleaning task – one that is easier if you can manage to
add it to your regular cleaning maintenance.

First you need to move your furniture away from your walls. Then dust your baseboards with a cloth or
save your knees a step by just using your vacuum attachment. You can even use an old clean sock tied to
the end of a broom handle.

Speaking of dust, here’s another great tip. If your exercise mat is also getting dusty from lack of use, this
is a great time to put it back into action – as padding for your knees as you work.

Now just add some dish washing liquid to a bucket of water, dampen your cloth and wipe. Rinse your
cloth and clean your bucket water as each becomes dirty. You can clean the edges and corners a little
better with a toothbrush (No, not your husband’s when he makes you mad). Believe it or not, that’s it!
Once you’ve gotten them clean and begin to clean your baseboards regularly, you shouldn’t have to go
to these extremes. The dusting step should usually suffice.

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