What Makes Us Different

Can you imagine what your child, who oftentimes smells like a goat (no offense to goats) after running amuck in the afternoon sun, would smell like if he didn’t wash under his arms at bath time; or if your husband, whose boots could clear a room, didn’t wash between his toes in the shower? Maybe worse yet, what would happen if you just poured shampoo on the ends of your hair and never scrubbed your scalp? That’s a recipe for scary hair for sure!

My possibly somewhat belabored point is that cleaning isn’t nearly thorough enough if it is simply surface cleaning. Sure, surface cleaning can make your counters gleam and your furniture appear free from dust, but you’re missing germs and potentially harmful bacteria that can linger just below the surface – in the nooks and crannies. A cursory surface cleaning, which many cleaning companies put into regular practice, won’t even get rid of lingering odors or musty smells. That’s just not good business – for you or them.

That concept – of a truly thorough cleaning – is what sets Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance apart. At Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, we are careful to keep your and your customers as safe and healthy as possibly by meticulously cleaning and disinfecting your place of business – going beyond the surface to provide you with the in-depth cleaning you deserve. Our conscientious workers take pains to ensure that you are always operating under optimal conditions.

If your business is located in Orange, Seminole or Volusia County, call the cleaning company you can trust – Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, at 321-262-4030.

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