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We Clean the Corners That Others Cut

What Is CAM Cleaning?

Need a little office glam? Get some CAM! CAM Cleaning is Common Area Maintenance. CAM services are the perfect cleaning option for those who just require “a little off the top”. For instance, say you are on a budget and just want cleaning services in your office spaces that receive the most traffic and, subsequently, end up the dirtiest…the common areas, such as the bathrooms and lunchroom. Maybe you are of the popular opinion that first impressions matter, so you want your lobby area to receive special cleaning attention. That, my friend, is CAM, and Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, LLC specializes in it.

Just so you know though, that’s not even close to everything that Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, LLC offers. So let’s “reflect”.  Aside from exceptional CAM services, Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, LLC provides Commercial and Office Space Cleaning Services; Post and New Constructions Cleaning Services; Timeshare, Vacation Rental, Resort and Hotel Cleaning; Government Building Cleaning, Food Service Establishment Cleaning; and Retail Space Cleaning.

Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, LLC can even clean on a per project basis. Want your carpets shampooed, windows washed, an area pressure washed, etc.? Just contact Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, and we will quote you an affordable fee for your particular project.

Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, LLC is also reliable. Our employees show up on time, and no one is hired without fingerprinting and a background check. Licensed and insured and based in Deltona, Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, LLC serves Orange, Seminole and Volusia counties.

Call Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance at 321-262-4030 today to schedule the cleaning services you prefer.