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We Clean the Corners That Others Cut

What Is Beneath the Tables in Your Restaurant?

What lies beneath…now there is a scary title for a horror movie. I think that one was actually done! However, what lies beneath the tables in your dining establishment should be anything but scary, especially in these scary times. 

If you are like me, you have probably noticed some less than stellar upkeep in certain places from time to time. I get it. Places get busy and whatever can be found under your tables isn’t always at front of mind for a waiter or bus person who is running around like a chicken just to make sure all of your patrons are pleased. 

But let’s talk specifics – and it may get a little gross here for the faint of heart, so buckle up. First, we have the ever-popular huge wads of gum stuck underneath the tables where your guests belly up for grub. Then, there is the errant napkin that Aunt Lucy, who just blew her nose by the way, dropped. Used utensils, encrusted with food, also might have fallen on the floor. Oh, can I just say yuck…particularly now when we have to be so careful about keeping things clean and disinfected?

Make sure your restaurant is ready for prime time when the doors open. Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance can get everything clean and pristine. Our motto is that “we clean the corners that others cut,” and that means everything from under your dining tables and bars, to under your work stations in the back and so much more. We specialize in restaurants, bars and cafes so we understand the special circumstances you deal with day in and day out, and what is required of you by law…and for the basic satisfaction of your patrons – which is also paramount!

Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, LLC is competitively priced and we are currently offering a special deal – $20 off each cleaning for four cleanings! If you are based in Orange, Seminole or Volusia County, call us at 321-262-4030 for a free estimate on a cleaning program we will customize just for you.