What Is a Deep Cleaning and Why Is It Needed?

Why do we need to deep clean…

The key to stopping the spiral of this insidious virus hinges on good hygiene practices. According to the CDC, cleaning and sanitizing are imperative to minimizing exposure to Covid-19. However, not all forms of infection control are alike. Disinfection kills germs on surfaces and cleaning can remove, but not necessarily kill them. Sanitizing, by cleaning and disinfecting, lowers the number of infectious agents to a safe level. Now that’s deep cleaning.

How exactly do you get a reliable, deep clean…

First and foremost, in times like these it is important to choose a professional cleaning company you can trust to get your deep cleaning done right – like Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance. The health and even possibly the lives of your customers, staff and family members could depend upon it.

There is no universal protocol for a deep clean to eradicate the coronavirus, but there are certain deep cleaning steps that both businesses and households should take. Those include increasing the frequency of your cleaning as well as using disinfectant products that meet federal standards. Daily disinfection is also recommended where there are or were people who are suspected of having or have been confirmed to have tested positive.

Sanitizing smooth surfaces is the easy part. For items such as upholstery, carpeting, window treatments, etc. some opt for the use of foggers with spray disinfectant and others utilize UV lighting techniques. Dishes, glassware and utensils should be disinfected before their normal wash. Bedding, napkins, tablecloths and towels should be washed in high temperatures. Additionally, hospital grade disinfectants are now suggested for regular cleaning of common areas such as restrooms, breakrooms, conference rooms and lobbies.

Special attention should be paid to high touch areas, including TVs, remotes, nurse call buttons, light switches and cords, drawer pulls, bed and stair rails and bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Shared items, such as computers, should also be wiped down after every use. And of course you should add a hefty dose of good old fashioned elbow grease!

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