Vent Cleaning Can Save You Money and Keep Your Office Fresh

If the lack of fresh air and a bunch of money flying out the window of your business makes you feel like you have to vent, by all means, do so…and do it cleanly! One of the best ways to keep your office smelling fresh and free of indoor contaminants is by cleaning your vents on a regular basis.

Your heating and cooling system breathes in and out, and when it is clogged with a bunch of dust and debris – just like with us humans – breathing can become labored. When air can’t move freely through clogged vents or dirty air filters, a bunch of pretty unpleasant things can happen.

Dirty vents can decrease your energy efficiency and, subsequently, increase your energy bill. So having your vents cleaned regularly can actually save you money. Plus, when your air conditioning and heating units are functioning poorly, they work less effectively, meaning you and your clients won’t be as cool or as toasty as you may like to be. 

The good news is that once you are circulating air properly through clean, unclogged air vents, your commercial space will be cleaner and smell fresher. Proper air circulation also produces good air quality, keeping people healthier and allergies and asthma at bay.

So, the moral of this story is keep it clean, people…your ventilation system, that is!

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