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How we are going to protect your guests against bacteria and viruses

How we are going to protect your guests against bacteria and viruses

Reflections Cleaning and Maintenance LLC is using a simple, natural and gentle EPA Approved Hospital grade disinfectant and sanitizer called Clean Republic.

It kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including COVID 19- H1N1- Hepatitis C- HIV-1- RSV- Tuberculosis (TB)- E coli- Listeria- MRSA- Salmonella- Staph (click on link for Clean Republic information for the complete kill list) No harsh chemicals or toxic fumes

Meets AOAC Efficacy testing and OSHA blood borne pathogen guidelines Has been registered with state regulation as a disinfectant

Clean Republic Information

UVC Light Travel Sterilizer Wand

You can’t see bacteria and viruses but they are there. Included in our cleaning services we are using UVC technology.

UVC technology breaks down and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. We quickly and effectively sterilize the area and objects.

UVC light emanates wavelengths and has scientifically has been proven to breakdown DNA of bacteria and viruses. It disables their ability to reproduce while deteriorating them on the spot.

You can feel safe while we sterilize your guest bed sheets, comforters, pillow cases, sofa and chairs, bath towels and even the remote controls. While we can’t use the EPA approved Hospital Grade Disinfectant and Sanitizer on everything, what we can’t will be treated with the UVC Light Travel Sterilizer Wand.

Clean Republic is gentle enough to use on your non fabric furniture. Fabric furniture, decorative items, and magazines will all be UVC Sterilized. Your patients of will have the feel comfort and safety while waiting.

Our UVC Light Travel Sterilizer Wand will sanitize and eliminate bacteria and viruses on your conference tables and chairs. Call us for detail about your UVC Cleaning today.