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We Clean the Corners That Others Cut

Now More than Ever, the Need to Sanitize

Recent studies indicate that the virus that causes Covid-19 can live on cardboard for up to an entire day, on plastics and metals for three days and it can even survive in the air we breathe for up to three hours. Bathrooms, kitchens and floors are breeding grounds for potentially harmful (and at this point, possibly deadly) germs. Those, along with commonly touched items, such as doorknobs, railings and light switches need to be properly disinfected to keep employees and customers safe and healthy.

With the country opening back up, it’s not time to take this lightly. It’s time for us to combat this virus with brains and brawn. We know we have to keep things sanitized. We just need the right team to do it. Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, specializing in commercial property cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection, is that team.

This is no time for a cursory cleaning. In times like these, you need a professional cleaning company that will clean the corners others cut. You need an experienced, conscientious cleaning crew that uses the right professional cleaning products to get the job done…all encompassed within a company that will make you its priority and take your best interest to heart – Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance.

Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, a professional cleaning company you can trust, is dedicated to sanitizing the spaces our business community occupies – one commercial property at a time. Give us a call at 321-262-4030 to schedule your deep commercial cleaning today and ask about our UVC cleaning services. Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance serves Orange, Seminole and Volusia counties.