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Mop It Up! Why Clean Floors Are Important

Aside from providing a clean and shiny base, freshly mopped floors can create a positive impression within your home or place of business. Clean floors showcase attention to detail and allude to a high level of professionalism.

Now let’s go somewhere scary. The entire world is tracked indoors via shoes, including whatever lies on public bathroom floors and filthy parking lots. Think about it. What do you think that plumber who just fixed a leaky toilet has on his shoes? Additionally, each person who steps where he steps now has the same thing on their shoes and the germs and viruses that go along with it; and they track and share it wherever they go too. Yuck! Plus, gravity causes everything – including dirt, dust, allergens and potentially harmful bacteria – to travel downward. 

Then there is the whole floor care thing to worry about. Did you know that dust particles that are swept around can cause friction which slowly works toward eroding flooring material? Moreover, every floor is different and it is important that the correct cleaning solution is used on each one. For instance, laminates, vinyl composite tiles and stone require custom cleaning solutions and hardwood floors are a completely different animal that can warp and become dull when water is absorbed. New floors are expensive, so no one wants to go there!

For a professional cleaning team with extensive cleaning expertise that has your best interest at heart from the bottom all the way up, you can rely on Reflections Cleaning and Maintenance. Reflections Cleaning and Maintenance is pleased to provide affordable, custom cleaning services to Orange, Seminole and Volusia counties.