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We Clean the Corners That Others Cut

Keeping Allergens in Your Place of Business at Bay

Sneezing, coughing, wheezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, even exacerbated asthma symptoms…let’s face it folks, allergens in the workplace can yield some awful results. The symptoms associated with allergies can be very unpleasant, even dangerous. Keeping things clean can be essential to keeping potential allergens to a minimum. 

This is true for any workplace, but especially medical offices – where certain people could be even more sensitive to allergens; and restaurants – where the enjoyment of a meal could be in jeopardy when allergens are in abundance. Allergens in retail establishments and offices can make working and shopping or conducting business difficult; and allergens in vacation rentals, including condominiums, time-shares, resorts and hotels could very possibly tamp down the fun quotient in any vacation and ensure that certain guests will not return.

 Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance is the solution, so put those tissue boxes, eye drops and inhalers away. With Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, corners are cleaned that other cleaning services cut; and the reliable cleaning professionals at Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance work diligently to eradicate allergens.

At Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, we work closely with clients to develop the best cleaning program for them. We dust and scrub to ensure that surfaces are kept allergen-free; we vacuum and mop to remove allergens from floors; and when your surfaces are clean, the air surrounding those surfaces is cleaner. 

Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, LLC serves Orange, Seminole and Volusia counties. Call Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance 321-262-4030 today for your free estimate.