Hire Us to Make Sure Your Reopening Goes as Smoothly as Possible

As businesses reopen in Florida, business owners are faced with a new set of challenges. We have to provide our customers with the peace of mind that we can keep them safe and healthy…and it all starts with deep cleaning and sanitizing by a commercial cleaning service you can trust.

Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, LLC upholds the highest standards in the commercial cleaning industry and consistently exceeds client expectations. Our reputation for cleaning the corners that others cut is impeccable, and our professional staff is reliable, conscientious and efficient.

At Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, we go above and beyond average day-to-day cleaning. We disinfect and sanitize surfaces, floors, walls, doorknobs, phones, light switches and more, leaving behind a fresh and hygienic commercial space for staff, customers, patients and guests. 

Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance keeps commercial kitchens and medical offices immaculate; we make certain all stages of construction are clean and neat; we provide vacation rental guests with pristine living spaces; we keep retail spaces shining brightly and government spaces spotless….and we do it all at your convenience.

Yet another advantage that sets us apart and will set your business apart as well is that Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance also specializes in UVC cleaning. What this means to business owners and their customers is the elimination of pathogens and viruses in and around desks, keyboards, printers, copiers, chairs, blinds, curtains, lampshades, canvas photos and paintings, artificial flowers and plants and any decorative items that may be sensitive to chemicals. We can destroy viruses and pathogens on beds, sheets, comforters and other linens, as well as sofas, televisions, remote controls and consoles so that vacation rental guests will feel comfortable booking their stay. We can also remove the potential for virus transmission in medical facilities, exam rooms and on exam tables so that patients can rest easy. 

Plus, in an effort to do our part for our clients during these challenging times, Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance is offering a 10% discount for a UVC program tailored to your specific commercial needs. Call 321-262-4030 to learn more.

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