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Great Ways to Make Dusting Easier on You!

The first rule of thumb to lessen the amount of dust in your home and, subsequently, make the whole dusting process easier and less time consuming, is to keep dust out in the first place. The good news is that there are several great ways to do that…

Number one is that you want to place door mats inside and outside of every entrance to your home. Make sure you get entrance mats that can stand up to wear and tear and then clean them regularly as well – shaking them out, vacuuming those inside and hosing off the ones outdoors.

Number two is to make certain that you regularly change your air filters. Every one to three months should ensure that they won’t become clogged with allergens, dirt and debris. Aside from improving the air quality within your home, this could also extend the life of your air conditioning unit since it won’t have to work so hard. It could even decrease your energy costs!

If you have pets, brush them to eliminate dander, hair and anything they may have picked up when they’ve been outside. Also wash your pets and their bedding regularly and keep the areas they most often frequent clean.

Dust can also blow into your home. So, keep windows closed when possible and check window and door seals to be sure that your weather stripping is functioning properly.

You also want to make sure you choose the right dusting tools. Microfiber cloths, lambswool and electrostatic cloths trap tiny dust particles that other dusters might miss. Here’s another cool tip: fabric softener sheets also work well and can save you money!