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We Clean the Corners That Others Cut

Customize a Cleaning Program to Fit Your Needs

A custom home is so much more comfortable to homeowners than one of those cookie cutter houses.
Want to wear a custom wedding dress that makes all of your dreams come true on the most important
day of your life? How about playing through 19 holes with a custom set of golf clubs that fit you like a
glove and eliminate that nasty shank shot? Custom is always better. That’s why Reflections Cleaning &
Maintenance custom tailors its cleaning services for each of our clients.
As a business owner or homeowner, you know what you want in a cleaning service. Why pay for more
than what you need or not get the particular cleaning service you want? That’s just crazy.

With Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, what you need is exactly what you get!
Want just the common areas – like your lobby, bathroom and breakroom – cleaned and all your
trashcans emptied? No problem. Want to protect your customers and employees with a UVC cleaning
that will battle bacteria and viruses? We’re on it! Need specialized cleaning services like window
cleaning or laundry services. We do that too and plenty more!
Whatever your needs and however big your space, Reflections Cleaning &; Maintenance can clean as
little of it or as much of it as you like; and we can do it at a time that is convenient for you, so your
business or schedule is never interrupted.