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We Clean the Corners That Others Cut

A Cleaning Service vs. Doing It Yourself…Do You Really Have the Time?

From work and commuting, to dragging the kids from one activity to another, to coming up with dinner
every night, to grocery shopping and doctor’s appointments – not to mention doing the laundry and
taking care of the yardwork – your life is probably pretty full. Bet there’s not a lot time left over for too
much else.
What would you do if you could free up some of your precious time again? Would you even know how
to act if you had the time to play instead of handling a host of chores or spend quality time with your
family instead of just running around? How much is your time actually worth?
Here’s a solution. Hire a professional cleaning service! Reliable cleaning teams – like Reflections Cleaning
& Maintenance – have the professional expertise and tools to do the job right and in a fraction of the
time you could (no offense intended). Plus, a professional cleaning service probably doesn’t cost as
much as you might think.
Want your kitchen to glisten? Want to be sure your house is sanitized so your family stays healthy?
Want to have confidence that your home is in pristine condition when guests arrive? You want
Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance. They clean the corners others cut.
Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance, LLC serves Orange, Seminole and Volusia counties and our
estimates are free. So ask yourself, would you rather be sweeping your floors or sweeping the
countryside for fun? And put on those plastic gloves to dance like Lady Gaga instead of using them to
scrub the toilet!