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10% off Complete UVC Cleaning

UVC light is nature’s disinfectant. It emanates in wavelengths scientifically proven to breakdown pathogens and viruses that can harm us, quickly and effectively sterilizing entire areas and the objects within those areas – deteriorating diseases and their ability to reproduce. 

Ultraviolet light, with a frequency greater than visible light, contains the energy to penetrate biological material. Certain ultraviolet light can cause sun damage, but this particular wavelength kills germs while keeping people safe.

Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance specializes in UVC cleaning and, in light of our country’s current situation, is offering 10% off complete UVC cleanings. This includes eradicating pathogens and viruses in and around desks, keyboards, printers, copiers, chairs, blinds, curtains, lampshades, canvas photos and paintings, artificial flowers and plants and any decorative items that may be sensitive to chemicals. 

We can eliminate viruses and pathogens on beds, sheets, comforters and other linens, as well as sofas, televisions, remote controls and consoles so that your guests will feel comfortable booking their stay. We can also remove the potential for virus transmission in medical facilities, exam rooms and on exam tables so that patients can rest easy.

Contact Reflections Cleaning & Maintenance with your questions and so that we can individually design a UVC cleaning program to meet your specific needs. Call 321-262-4030 or visit our website and use promo code UVC to receive your 10% discount.